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SEPTEMBER 1st - DECEMBER 31st, 2021


We are Go Mental! - Germany's first international film festival that focuses on mental health. In the first year 2020/21, we have received 1,800 short films from over 113 countries. In two curated festival online streams on VIMEO, we have presented our worldwide audiences 26 short films that embrace our core values of de-stigmatization, empathy fostering, and authentic depiction of mental health conditions in film. The films covered a variety of mental health issues such as trauma, grief, suicide, bipolar disorder, autism, self-worth, sexual abuse, depression, body image issues, and many more. 

With Go Mental! we aim to increase awareness for mental health in general as well as to create a space in which filmmakers, professionals from the field of psychology and psychiatry as well as non-filmmakers from all around the world can come together and join the conversation. It is our goal to give filmmakers a platform on which they feel empowered to create new ways of storytelling in which the many layers of mental health can be unraveled and explored. Filmmakers are encouraged to engage with this challenging and compelling subject to create authentic portrayals through which stigmas are broken and empathy is fostered.



In case you are currently struggling with a mental health condition, we want to encourage you to always seek the advice of your mental health professional or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding your condition. Additionally, the following websites and telephone numbers can be of support in urgent situations: 



Watch. Talk. Change.

Our festival focuses on an all-around approach to portray mental health issues in various ways, to foster dialogue, empathy and to help break the stigma.




Motion pictures are all around us in everyday life. They no longer just serve as entertainment but they often also share knowledge and information that influence the view we have on the world. Many films deal consciously or unconsciously with topics that are somehow related to mental health. Unfortunately, many of them tend to encourage stigmatization or shine an unrealistic light on mental health conditions. In conclusion, this spins and fosters false narratives and leaves many people misinformed when it comes to understanding mental health issues and disorders. Therefore, the focus of our festival rests on the possible positive impact that film can have on the subject matter at hand. For that to happen, filmmakers have to understand their responsibility in making a film on the subject. Through diverse, depth-and truthful depictions, they can help to reduce stigma and raise awareness to the importance of this issue. Furthermore, we also recognize the potential film has in terms of a coping mechanism for personal fates and experiences from the point of view of the filmmaker. Go Mental! creates the space to openly talk about all of the points mentioned above and strives to enhance the dialogue between filmmakers and experts of the mental health department.

MENTAL HEALTH - How To Define It ?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health "is an integral part of health; indeed there is no health without mental health." Therefore, one can neither understand health as a physical concern only nor should one assume that mental health refers exclusively to known mental disorders or disabilities because it includes the emotional, psychological and social well-being of each individual. In that regard, it is fundamental to our collective and individual ability as humans to think, emote and interact with each other; and it is influenced by very different factors such as life experience, family history, hereditary factors, an individual's surroundings, socialization, but also by biological and physical health. At every stage of life, mental health plays an important role and determines how we feel, think and take decisions. That is why it concerns everyone - and is yet one of the most underrated and disregarded factors in the health care and public system.


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